Why is sleep important?

Why is sleep important?


Quite simply, sleep is vital. It is vital for our overall well-being and vital for the mental, physical and emotional health of adults and children.

However, due to busy modern lifestyles, people tend to compromise on the amount of sleep they get. It results in sleep-related disorders.
According to the World Association of Sleep Medicine, up to 45% of the world’s total population suffers from sleep-related issues, making it a global epidemic that threatens our health and quality of life.(1)
Poor quality sleep and sleep-related respiratory disturbances often cause health problems, including: hypertension, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.
In daily life, improper sleep leads to poor alertness, reduced concentration, decreased work quality and declining academic productivity. It also increases the chances of work-related or car accidents.

Most sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea are preventable or treatable. But less than a third of sufferers seek professional help.(2)

Being diagnosed with and treated for a sleep disorder could really change your life!



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