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Our offers along continuum care

Air Liquide Healthcare cares for 1,300,000 patients suffering from chronic diseases at home. As a leading player in home healthcare, Air Liquide Healthcare strives to ensure patients receive their treatment in the most appropriate way, safeguarding their compliance to the treatment, autonomy and quality of life.


Given its areas of expertise, Air Liquide Healthcare can offer products and solutions to hospitals with its medical gases, to home healthcare organizations with its home healthcare offerings, and to prevention and well-being sectors with its hygiene range and specialty ingredients. 


Home Healthcare

Many people in the world have difficulty breathing and staying in good health. What most of us consider normal can in fact present a challenge for others on a daily basis. That’s why Air Liquide Healthcare considers respiratory and infusion therapies so important.


Through its respiratory Home Healthcare activity, and in compliance with international clinical guidelines, Air Liquide Healthcare takes care of patients suffering from chronic diseases such as:

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and other sleep disordered breathing
  • Chronic respiratory failure


By enabling and supporting drug administration at home, Air Liquide Healthcare contributes to the management of infusion therapies for:

  • Diabetes
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Cancers
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Pain
  • Immunodeficiency and other diseases


But what would appropriate therapies be without a complete suite of services designed around patients’ comfort, safety and need for support and human concern in general? Air Liquide Healthcare provides 24/7 assistance, discharge from hospital, patient support programs and training on medical devices.

Its dedicated team of pharmacists, nurses, nutritionists and technicians works closely with physicians to deliver better care and increase patients’ quality of life.


Hospital Care

Air Liquide Healthcare also offers solutions - medical gases, equipment and services - that are used in operating theatres, intensive care units and emergency rooms. Medical gases allow healthcare professionals to treat, relieve pain, anesthetize and improve respiratory function. Every day, Air Liquide Healthcare employees serve over 7,500 hospitals and clinics, supplying them with medical gases.



Hospital hygiene is the most effective way of preventing infection. Air Liquide Healthcare is a key player in hospital disinfection, thanks to Schülke, its dedicated hygiene brand. Air Liquide Healthcare helps fight pandemics using a broad range of products. With the advantage of more than 120 years of expertise, Air Liquide Healthcare is fully committed to protecting the safety of patients and healthcare professionals alike.


Healthcare Specialty Ingredients

For over 60 years, SEPPIC, a subsidiary of Air Liquide Healthcare, has been creating and supplying innovative healthcare specialty ingredients to the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and vaccine industries. The combination of its scientific expertise and the development of natural products make SEPPIC a supplier of choice in the health and well-being sectors.


No matter what disease patients are suffering from (breathing, diabetes, respiratory infection, Parkinson’s disease…), Air Liquide Healthcare will always do its best to keep patients close. 



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