Enjoy your vacations even with sleep apnea: The perfect CPAP travelling package

Why should sleep apnea syndrome ruin your vacation? With your CPAP equipment, a little forward planning and some information on traveling to your destination, you can enjoy your weekends away and longer trips too. 

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The perfect CPAP travelling package

Forward planning before traveling will free your mind to think of other things on your vacation. With common sense and the benefit of other travelers’ experiences, everything should be fine. Time to pack!

CPAP machine and mask

Some people wonder if they can travel with their CPAP machine. The answer is simple: YES!
No matter how you choose to travel… On a plane (after notifying the airline), on a boat, and of course at your hotel. Make sure you have spare bacterial filters, hose tube, headgear clips, or any important pieces you would have to replace in case they go missing or break. Of course, the best solution is to take a spare mask, even an old one, rather than nothing and spending a night without treatment.

CPAP medical alert card

Do you have a CPAP alert card? Good! Take it. It alerts others that you have sleep apnea syndrome, which means that when asleep or unconscious, your airway may collapse. This is information that doctors must have in case of anesthesia or surgery. It also informs them about your CPAP pressures, emergency contacts and clinic’s details.

Adaptors and extension leads

Very useful for allowing you to plug your CPAP machine in anywhere.  You will be in trouble unless you can move all the furniture in the bedroom! For camping holidays, get a battery for your CPAP machine. Contact your CPAP supplier for more details.

CPAP hose lift

Some users recommend taking a hose lift to stop the mask pulling and causing leaks. It keeps the tube away from the face and can rotate side to side as you turn in your sleep.

For a perfect CPAP vacation package, take your CPAP luggage bag and moisture therapy cream. Just check with your airline about what you can keep with you in the cabin.

Ready to go? Enjoy your holidays!

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