How smoking impacts sleep apnea


You may know that smoking significantly impacts your health and quality of life. Smoking is associated with a higher prevalence of snoring and OSAS.(1). Take a deep breath and read this.

Smoking acts as an irritant and tends to make the nose and throat swell, reducing the space for air to flow through. Logically, the thinner the airway, the harder it is to breathe.

Talking about nose size is not enough to explain how smoking impacts sleep apnea. If you are a smoker or know smokers, you should know that smoking is associated with a higher prevalence of snoring and OSA.(1) This means they have a higher risk of OSA.



Smoking affects good sleep

Smoking does not only increase sleep apnea, but affects good sleep in general.

- Smokers wake up more frequently during the night and often experience more sleep disruption.(2)
- Smoking cigarettes or tobacco products close to bedtime can make it harder to fall asleep and to stay asleep because nicotine is a stimulant.(3)

And we all know the importance of sleep…

Are you a smoker that wants to sleep better? Cutting down or stopping smoking could be the solution.

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