Share with your friends about sleep apnea

talk and share about sleep apnea

Sharing with people about what you live, think and wonder is a good opportunity to learn from others. Because every sleep apnea sufferer has not been diagnosed yet, talking about this serious disorder increase the opportunity to be treated.

We don’t only talk about what we experiment in life. We also share about what happens to our friends, family, partner, children… We sometimes just need to talk, express ourselves, or ask for some advice or different point of view.

Actually, talking and sharing with people is one of the best ways to know more. We can read specific books, listen to experts, look for information in the press, and share about it. Talking about sleep apnea does not necessarily mean that we suffer from it. But letting know the existence of the new sleep apnea website or retweeting the social media messages about sleep apnea to your contacts, could give them the opportunity to make the connection between the symptoms and the disease. They can assess themselves!

The more we know, the less we risk

People don’t always think about sleep apnea when they snore, are tired in the morning or tend to doze off in the daytime. They have just never heard of sleep apnea. So they can’t get diagnosed and treated. Many people are also unaware of sleep apnea related diseases: heart and cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity… In other words: sharing medical information could save lives.

Talking with people who suffer from sleep apnea may help them be part of a “community”. Many patients never talk about what they are going through for many reasons. But not feeling alone in the face of the disease is very important: it can generate a positive mind spirit that could allow them to persevere in the hard times, to find answers to their questions and to live the best way possible with sleep apnea.

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