I decided to quit smoking!

sleep apnea quit smoking

Good decision. But having said that, what is the next step? Action of course! Stop smoking will give you a big breath of fresh air in your life and in your sleep.


Smoking impacts a lot sleep apnea, as we covered it in a recent news post. The new question is: how to quit smoking? So many ways to come off cigarettes are told to be efficient…

Different techniques are really efficient to quit smoking. The point is to find which one is going to be the most appropriate to your daily habits and personality. Some smokers quit in a flash, others softly reduce the numbers of cigarettes day after day.
Some treatments are also proven to be effective such as Nicotine replacement therapy (with patches or gums), medication depending on the country you live in, or more recently e-cigarettes.

When there is a wish…


Today, strategies to stop smoking are not only described as treatments to quit smoking, but also as behaviour advice to help people on the path to success.
For instance, the “5 secrets for quitting smoking” of the American Lung Association(1) are more 5 good tips to program your mindset than practical techniques. As well as the National Health Service (NHS) “10 self-help tips to stop smoking”(2) on the official UK health & care information website.

Motivation and deep and complex needs are the key to find the wish to stop smoking.
Whatever treatment or technique you might choose to reach your goals, there is one thing you need to do first: find stronger benefits in quitting smoking than current disadvantages you live with. It can be health motivations (cancer, sleep apnea, rhinitis, asthma…), money (do you know how much you spend each month in cigarettes?), pleasure (smell, taste), or even anxiety for your family. Put the benefits on the top of your list, read it every time you think of smoking, and you will be stunned to realize that stop smoking is not as hard as you thought it would have been. Find a paper and a pen, and be ready to write it down in two columns. Compare and go.

Your sleep, your health and yourself will be grateful to you.

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